Uterine Fibroids Types Causes Symptoms Cure

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Uterine Fibroids Types, Causes, Symptoms, and Cure


The Fibroids are abnormal growth; these are occurred into the uterine cavity. The fibroids of the uterus are also known as myomas or leiomyomas (lie-o-my-O-muhs). The uterine fibroids can cause heavy bleeding during periods and severe abdominal pain. Sometimes these tumors become quite large. The uterine fibroids can increase the risk of uterine carcinoma or cancer. This abnormal growths may be benign, or noncancerous also.

Uterine Fibroids are also known by the synonyms, these are mentioned below:-

  1. Myomas
  2. Leiomyomas
  3. Uterine Myomas
  4. Fibromas


Uterine Fibroids are divided into four categories. These are described below in details:-

  1. Intramural Fibroid
  2. Subserosal Fibroid
  3. Pedunculated Fibroid
  4. Submucosal Fibroid



Intramural Fibroids are the most common type of fibroid which occurs in the Uterine Cavity. Intramural Fibroids are mainly occurs within the muscular wall of the uterus. This fibroids can grow as larger and also stretch the Uterus.



Subserosal Fibroids could develop on the outside of the cavity of the uterus. These fibroids are also known as serosa. These fibroids could make the uterus bigger on one side because the fibroids grow large in size.


The type of pedunculated fibroids are developed when there is subserosal fibroid or tumors develop a stem, in structure they are a cylinder base they also support the tumor. So, this types of fibroids are called Pedunculated fibroids.


Submucosal fibroids are the types of fibroids which develop in the middle layer or myometrium layer of the uterus. These are very uncommon types of uterine fibroid.


There are many reasons which are responsible for the development of fibroids in the uterine cavity, these are mentioned below in details:-


There are two main Hormones which are released by the ovaries. These are known as Estrogen and Progesterone. These hormones cause the uterine lining to regenerate during each menstrual cycle. The abnormality of these two hormones can causes the growth of fibroids in uterine cavity.


This is very important to take the family history of the patient because the Uterine Fibroids may run into the families. Due to hereditary and genetics factory fibroids may transfer from mother, sister, or grandmother.


The production of Estrogen and Progesterone Hormones are increased in the body during Pregnancy. So, these hormones are responsible for rapid growth of uterine fibroids during the time of pregnancy.



  • Difficulty in conceiving
  • Heavy menstrual Bleeding
  • Blood Clots during the menstrual cycle
  • Pelvic Pain
  • Lower Backache
  • Menstrual Cramping is increased
  • Increased Frequency
  • Menstrual periods that last longer than usual
  • Pain During intercourse
  • Swelling in Abdomen
  • Breakthrough Bleeding:- bleeding between two periods
  • Fullness and Pressure in pelvic region
  • Enlargement of Abdomen
  • Difficulty in passing urine and stool



Female are at the greater risk for developing fibroids in their uterine cavity. So, the risk factors which can cause uterine fibroids are described below:-

  • Pregnancy
  • Genetics or Hereditary:- Family History of Fibroids
  • Age Factors:- Fibroid may develop at the age of 25 or older
  • Obesity:- Overweight of the body weight than normal can cause Uterine Fibroid
  • African-American:- In these types of people there is increased risk of developing uterine fibroids.



Gynecologist done Pelvic Examination of the patient for a proper diagnosis. Pelvic examination mainly is performed to check the condition, size, and shape of the cavity of the uterus.


Ultrasound is test in which there is high-frequency sound waves are used to produce images of the uterine cavity on a screen. The Radiologist mainly watch the internal structures of the fibroids and Uterine cavity.

  1. PELVIC MRI:- 

The MRI of the Pelvic is preform to produces the pictures of the uterine cavity, fallopian tubes, ovaries, uterine fibroids and other pelvic organs.


According to the Ayurveda, there are three doshas of the body which are responsible to make the healthy body. The three doshas are also known as the Energies of the body. These Doshas are mentioned below:-

  1. Vata:- Vata is constituted by space and air, this is the energy of movement.
  2. Pitta:-Pitta is constituted by Fire and water, Pitta is the main principle of digestion and metabolism of the food.
  3. Kapha:- Kapha is constituted by water and earth, this is known as the dosha of structure and lubrication. Kapha dosha is a biological Energy which is responsible for creating structures of the body.

According to the Ayurvedic theory, when there is excessive production of Kapha Dosha into the body the powers of Pitta Dosha can be decreased. So, the increased kapha dosha into blood can cause the fibroids into the uterine cavity.

When imbalanced doshas, reaches the reproductive system of the female, mainly Increased Kapha Doshas and Decreased Pitta doshas, this can cause the smooth muscle production in uterine cavity.

The Pitta dosha is mainly responsible for the healthy transformations into the body. So when pitta dosha is decreased, it can cause the weakness of the quality of the smooth muscle of the uterine cavity.

Weak and decrease pitta dosha in the body can cause failure to rupture the egg in the ovaries on the time. On the other hand Increased Kapha dosha in the body can slowdown the production of eggs in the ovaries of female.

The Uterine cysts are starts to develop inside the uterine muscles this is caused due to the imbalance of three doshas (Vata, Pitta & Kapha), and these cysts are known as Uterine Fibroids.


The Ayurveda has a permanent Treatment for Uterine Fibroids and Cysts. There is no need to perform any type surgery. MERCY AYURVEDA has 100% natural and herbal Medicines which are completely helpful to prevent recurrence of fibroids into Uterine cavity.

There are Certain Ayurvedic Herbs that help to dissolve the fibroids in the uterine cavity, such as Ashoka, Gandhari and Varuna etc. so these particular Herbal and Ayurvedic formulations help to dissolve the uterine fibroids and also helps to control the heavy uterine bleeding during menstrual periods. These Herbs also helps to regulate the menstrual cycle periods on time.


There are so many Healthy Diet and Tips which are helpful to dissolves the Fibroids into Uterine cavity from its roots cause, These Tips are described below in details:-

  1. Cruciferous vegetables are helpful in the detoxification of the liver.
  2. Foods like Garlic, carrots, beets are helpful in the detoxification of the body.
  3. Vegetables like Broccoli, Cabbage, radish, kale, turnips, watercress, bok choy, and arugula are very helpful to dissolves the fibroids in uterine cavity. These vegetables contain good nutrients so do not overcook to them, so they can give good health to your body.
  4. Drinking plenty is also recommended because water will help in detoxification of the body.
  5. Foods like sweet potato, apricots, cantaloupe, pumpkin, carrots, and spinach are also very helpful in these conditions.
  6. Eat foods that containing vitamin E, like wheat germ, almonds, hazelnuts and cod liver oil.
  7. Foods that contain carotenoids should be added to the diet, which will help to remove the uterine fibroids.
  8. Pineapple and fresh rosemary, are helpful decrease inflammation. These are acts as Natural anti-inflammatory foods.
  9. Polyphenol is an antioxidant, this is found in green tea, it can help to counteract the estrogen effects.
  • Folic acid and Iron supplyments.
  • Add multivitamins to your daily diet.
  • Beta-carotene (Vitamin A)
  • Thiamin (Vitamins B1)
  • Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)
  • Niacin (Vitamin B3)
  • Vitamin B12 and B6.
  • Vitamins C, D, E



The fibroids in the uterus are caused due to imbalance of blood hormones. Fibroids are most commonly develops during the age of reproduction of female.

“MERCY AYURVEDA” has the successful Ayurvedic Treatment of Uterine Fibroids. The medicines are Pure Herbal and 100% natural which remove the Uterine fibroids from their root causes without any side effects.


MERCY FIBROID REMOVAL CARE KITis made up of pure herbal and 100% natural Ayurvedic medicines that make the reproductive system strong and also dissolves the Uterine Fibroids naturally by its root cause.



Nari Jeevan Syrup is purely herbal and ayurvedic formulation. It is a very effective tonic for women and help to maintain their hormone levels. It balances all the doshas of body and also maintain health. It contains herbs like Ashoka, Lodhra, Shatavari, Daru Haridra, Dashmool, Arjuna, Gokshur etc. that help women typically with PCOD, mood changes, stress, headache and abdomen pain. MERCY Nari Jeevan Syrup helps in leading a life of minimum discomfort during those difficult days every month. It act as uterine tonic, immunity booster antioxidant, anti inflammatory, and anti spasmodic.

Recommended Dosage – 10 to 30 ml twice daily with normal water.


Nari Jeevan Capsules are best for female health and vital energy. It helps to build up the immunity of women. This is a pure and natural herbo mineral product of the best quality herbs. The herbs used in this capsules are Withania Somnifera, Abrak Bhasama, Shymplocos Receniosa, Saraca Indico, Loh Bhasama, Berberis aristata, Swarn Mashika Bhasama, Asaparagves Recemousus etc. These are the herbs which used to maintain female health metabolism. It works well in the reproductive system of female and other health related disorders. The extract of these herbs is very beneficial which provides multiple health benefits. These natural herbs have the potential to improve female health and libido. The herbs used in these capsules are also shows a great effect on menopausal women. It works well in hot flushes and mood swings during menstrual cycle. It regulates the female menstrual cycle, relieve menstrual pain. It is also used in leucorrhea that is excessive discharge from the vagina, excessive menstruation, painful menstruation and delayed menstruation. These herbal capsules can alleviate almost every female problem when used for a long.

Recommended Dosage – 1 to 2 capsules twice a day with normal water after meal.


This is one of the top ayurvedic medicines PCOD and Leucorrhoea. Supari Pak is trusted herbal preparation formulated used various medicinal plants, to treat a variety of problems related to female reproductive system. MERCY Supari Pak is a unique ingredient which promotes overall female health. Supari Pak also helps to strengthens immunity. MERCY Supari Pak Re-energies and revitalizes the body to fight exhaustion and fatigue. It also helpful with gynaecological problems, restore women’s health, Cures Leucorrhoea, Relieve headache, weakness, and backache.

Recommended Dosage: Take 1 tsf twice daily with milk.


Kanchanar Guggulu is one of the very efficient Ayurvedic herbal medicines. It is mainly administrated in the fibroids, tumors and cysts. These tablet are used in the condition of dysmenorrhea, menorrhagia. It is the best medicine for the Rakta Shodaka (Purify the blood).These tablets are very beneficial to balances the hormones of the body. It enhances female reproductive health and infertility. This tablet contains the ingredients like Kanchnaar (Bauhinia variegata), Shunti (Zingiber officinale), Maricha (Piper nigrum), Haritaki (Terminalia chebula), Ela (Elettaria cardamomum), etc.

Recommended Dosage – Take 1 tablet twice a day with normal water after meal.


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