MERCY SKIN CARE TABLET is a herbo mineral tablet. This tablet is 100% natural & safe for health. This tablet helps to maintain the texture of your skin. It helps to remove blemishes, remove sun tan, minimize acne, and delay ageing of skin. It contains various herbs like Amba Haldi, Tanak Bhsam, Saptika, and Kutki etc. these herbs are very effective for all types of skin disorders. MEECY SKIN CARE TABLET has property of blood purifier and it helps to detoxify the blood. It helps to remove stagnant blood and dissolve obstruction in the blood. It also increases the blood circulation of the skin.



  • Remove Blemishes
  • Remove Sun tan 
  • Acts as natural skin moisturizer 
  • Improves blood circulation of the skin 
  • Delay ageing of the skin
  • Reduce Itching of the skin
  • Prevent Acne 
  • Reduce Burning Sensation of the skin
  • Prevent Pimples 
  • Works in Allergic skin disease
  • Helps to reduce inflammation of the skin
  • Relieve Vitilgo/Leucoderma 


    • Amba Haldi                     100 mg
    • Tankan Bhsam                100 mg
    • Saptika                             100 mg 
    • Vyadi Haran Rasayan     100 mg 
  • Sh. Gandhak                    100 mg
  • Kutki                                 100 mg
  • Chiraita                            100 mg
  • Majeeth                           100 mg
  • Sariva                               100 mg
  • Khadir                              100 mg

DOSAGE: Take 1 tablet twice daily.


  • MERCY AYURVEDA products are 100% natural and safe for Health.
  • All our products are made from Aqua Extract of Herbs which make its property to dissolve easily in the body and gave instant and best results. 
  • All products are made in INDIA.
  • All products are formulated under the guidance of Ayurveda experts.
  • Herbal and natural products for overall health.
  • All products are free from chemicals and preservatives.


MERCY AYURVEDA CENTER provides you the most trust worthy services and has the best quality of products. We assure you to provide the best Ayurvedic treatment by our proficient Ayurvedic Doctors.

Mercy Ayurveda Centre is committed to bestow world class and elegant atmosphere with qualified doctors who supervise all the characters of the patient and their medication measure. 

Patient’s health and satisfaction is our greatest possible aim. 


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