SHAKTI VARDHAK POWDER is a herbo mineral powder. This formulation is 100% Organic & safe for health. This is pure Ayurvedic formulation which is recommended to build and maintain the health of both male and female. Shakti Vardhak Powder contains all that a man and woman requires from a health supplement. It is a unique and successful formula of rare and precious herbs that helps in enhancing the power of bones, muscles and nervous system. Shakti Vardhak Powder removes all the deficiencies from body and works as an overall herbal health tonic.


  1. Shakti Vardhak Powder mainly used to treat weakness of the bones, muscles and nerves of the body
  2. It gave strength to both the male and female body
  3. This helps in enhancing power of bones, muscles and nervous system
  4. It helps to remove deficiencies from the body
  5. It helps to treat the weakness of the nervous system in diabetic patients
  6. Helps the bones rebuild and stay strong
  7. It provides strength to week and easily broken bones


Each 100gm Contains:

  • Ashwgandha       5gm 
  • Shatawari            5gm   
  • Bidari Khand       5gm
  • Shudh Konch      10gm
  • Safed Musli         5gm   
  • Lal Musli              5gm 
  • Shilajit                 5gm   
  • Sard Chini           5gm
  • Talmakhana       5gm  etc.

DOSAGE: Take 3gm to 5gm twice in a day with Milk.


  • MERCY AYURVEDA products are 100% natural and safe for Health.
  • All our products are made from Aqua Extract of Herbs which make its property to dissolve easily in the body and gave instant and best results.
  • All products are made in INDIA.
  • All products are formulated under the guidance of Ayurveda experts.
  • Herbal and natural products for overall health.
  • All products are free from chemicals and preservatives.


MERCY AYURVEDA CENTER provides you the most trust worthy services and has the best quality of products. We assure you to provide the best Ayurvedic treatment by our proficient ayurvedic Doctors.

Mercy Ayurveda Centre is committed to bestow world class and elegant atmosphere with qualified doctors who supervise all the characters of the patient and their medication measure.

Patient’s health and satisfaction is our greatest possible aim.

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